Wednesday, 6 April 2011

EVALUATION: Question 8


Our preliminary film, first of all, was down to a idea we gathered from a newspaper!
We didn't really sit down and plan, it just was a burst of ideas that we decided to align
to make a film out of. This was really risky! As we could've been there for a long time
arguing, however, we knew with the task at hand, we had to cut out all nonsense and get on with it. This displayed our character and commitment to getting the task done!

Headline for our prelim

A screenshot of a storyboard
A screenshot of our pitch

Our Final film, on the other hand, required planning, so documents such as, storyboards and pitches were produced to draft up and develop our ideas, into something that would work. It was then we sat down for... quite a long time, to think up something! The main aspect that we wanted to get across, was that we must stick to the elements of Psychological thriller and not to get carried away by the storyline!


Regarding our camera skills, me and my collegue Mustafa were really well equiped with the skills of handling a camera, so we put our ideas into motion, with playing with different techniques. As we progressed through the Final film, we stumbled across the fact that certain techniques of filming don't go well with others; such as, the focuses with a fast speed etc. Also, we were trying to get perspective shots in a really effective way.  However, we managed to put our bundle of skills together, to produce something well-worked together. We had a excellent location which had lot's to offer, all we had to do was film to show the audience, what great stuff we had at an advantage.


Final Cut Pro


We were barely amateurs when coming to use Final Cut Pro, Soundtrack and LiveType. However, through the tutorials we had received from the technicians and questioning, we mastered the program and used it to its potential to create our film. We all designated different tasks amongst each other, through this method of management and planning, we were able to finish everything straight to time. We learned how to make soundtracks and add transitions to our film and combine it together with the credits from LiveType. Planning was crucial at monitoring our progress through out each of these programs, we had to trust each other that we would get the task done. In the prelim, we hardy used soundtrack, except for the gunshot clip as we thought we didn't require sound. Final Cut pro was essential and we didn't put in credits because... we didn't know how to!

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