Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Question 4&5

Our film has gone through a Cinematic screening, inwhich 142 students and a board of teachers, who teach Media Studies have seen our production. Our film is also up on the internet, on social networking sites, like Blogger, inwhich, people can list their favourite blogs on their page and refer to other people, hence, increasing the viewings of our film. From that platform on the internet, other websites such as, Youtube and Facebook etc. can be excellent tools in portraying our film.

Facebook is great for social networking, it can get across fast!

Youtube would be one of the easiest platforms to display
the video to the world, as the site recieves one billion views.

A distribution of DVD's, this is the DVD cover that I had designed
specially, for 'The Paper Trail'.

Blogger is a useful platform in which people can refer
their favourite blogs to each other.

Film festivals are great grounds for people to scout for great films, for the future, if
real LUCKY, the film could be up for investment to become a feature length movie!

The list of where and when each festival can take place all over
the world, is easily accessible to find on the British Council of Films website.

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