Monday, 4 April 2011

Question 2: How does your media product represent particular social groups?

'The Origami Killer', from 'The Paper Trail'.

'Michael Myers' from the Horror movie collective, 'Halloween'

The similarities between these two characters, which is quite blatant, is they are both unknown, as one can see, Michael Myers always wears a mask and in, 'The Paper Trail', the identity of the killer is never shown.
No one would know nothing of their past or what they are capable of. That aspect of a anonymous character, frightens audiences; 'people fear what they can not understand'. We've incorporated this in to, 'The Paper Trail', as it fits well to a psycological thriller. The clothing of the two characters are very similar, the rough and dirty coat that they both wear and the spikey and messy hair.

 Another similarity, is that the audience can distinguish that they are the evil personnas and that their purpose is to kill and murder people. However, they both have different methods about going about their killings. 'The Paper Trail' does not enclose any viewing of the objects used to kill the victims. On the other hand, Michael carries that iconic kitchen knife around, to commit his acts. On the matter of 'iconography', Michael always values his knife and the mask he wears, similar to the Origami Killer, who values his paper cranes that he leaves behind with the dead bodies, as a message.

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