Friday, 8 April 2011

EVALUATION: Question 1

Here are the selection of 9 screenshots taken from both, 'The Paper Trail' and 'Deadwood'. As you can probably notice, that the tones and colour schemes are similar in collalboration with the lighting shown. We wanted to keep the audience 'hooked and spooked', in the viewing of film as that would keep them engaged, in addition, it was essential to set the atmosphere and theme, as it was a Psychological Thriller. Also, there are similar compositions with the shadows, for instance, the shadow of the hand shaking (The Paper Trail) to the shadow of the hand in the doorway (Deadwood).

Also, the scenery was greatly used in Deadwood, we wanted to portray that as well, as we had a excellent place to film in. The House Mill offered stunning scenery, which can be utilised to portray a desolate area. So we played that to our advantage, Also the range of close ups were used to place empathy on certain aspects that would make the audience identify what objects have specific importance. For this, the Paper crane was the symbol we wanted to put the empathy upon. This 

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