Thursday, 7 April 2011

EVALUATION: Question 4 & 5

Local Cinema
On Tuesday 5th April 2011, our film was shown to over 140 students and a board of teachers in Screen on the Green cinema. This is a type of media institution can distribute our film. Although a low budget film, a cinema can be used to distribute our film. Although it cannot be distributed mainstream, our film can distributed in a rented out cinema and shown to friends and family where "word of mouth" can begin to see our film on other forms of media such as the internet. The reason a cinema can be used to distribute our film is that first general opinions need to heard to spread word of mouth about the film so others can then see it on the internet to gain further interest. It can be also be rented out to locals as they are the public who can then spread word of mouth even more which might generate interest of more people and maybe even get media interest.

Blogging websites
Our film was also uploaded on the internet onto a blogging site such as Blogger. As being on the internet, Blogger can easily reach a large number of public reviews due to its wide accessibility. Blogger is a blogging website which mainly people use to upload opinions or articles of events and experiences; its a personal public diary on the internet. As it is widely public and is made for making opinions public, Blogger can be used to distribute our film and gain recognition. 
Blogger is a useful platform in which people can refer
their favourite blogs to each other.

Social networking sites such as Facebook are other forms of medium where our media product can be distributed to an audience. Facebook in particular is used by millions of people worldwide and is the biggest social networking website on the internet today. There are over 500 million active members on Facebook where people are able to socially interact with one another. There are also over 900 million objects that people interact with such as pages, groups, events and community pages. It is here where a page can be set up entirely for our film to help address the audience and gain recognition not just locally like a cinema, but worldwide. An average user is connected to 80 community pages, groups and events on Facebook and with over 50% of "Facebookers" checking their account everyday, it is probably one of the best forms of media distribution. Statistically, an average user has 130 friends, which is where word of mouth can easily spread literally over night. With over 700 billion minutes per month spent on Facebook people are bound to come across our film if advertised correctly, therefore greatly increasing the number of views of the production and doing all the distributing legwork for us. There are other websites such as, Youtube and MySpace etc that can also help us get our film noticed by the global market as they are globally renowned because they are free, easy to access and a great medium for today's media.

Facebook is the most popular social networking site in the world, so successful, a film was made about its creation and creator.

Youtube - The worlds most popular and successful video sharing website.
Youtube has to be the most obvious way of distributing a media product such as a film to the general public. It is among one one of the most visited websites in the world just like Facebook. Youtube is known for allowing any member of the public with an internet connection to upload any type of non-offensive or explicit material. It is a great medium to distribute our media product to yet again not just locals, but to the entire world. The statistics for Youtube are insane. Youtube exceeds 2 billion views a day. That is 35% of the entire population of the world visiting Youtube every single day. With such a large amount of visitors, it is an excellent type of medium to distribute our film on. Youtube is free to use to upload and view videos therefore it appeals to literally billions of people around the world. An average person spends about 15 minutes a day on Youtube. 15 minutes times the number of people visiting Youtube a day means that it is the best chance of gaining recognition and the best place to release any type of video content. Statistics also show that 24 hours of video is uploaded every minute which just shows its popularity and recognition it can get you. Proof that Youtube is a great form of media to release a media product is the amount of normal people who have gained recognition and celebrity status from the website. One person who has taken Youtube to a full advantage and is now one of the most famous people in the English speaking language is Justin Bieber. He has gained recognition from Youtube by distributing his own made videos and gaining the interest of people who saw potential in him. From being an average teenager, he is now one of the most famous and richest out there today thanks to Youtube. That just shows the power and potential Youtube has to make our film successful and to gain recognition. 

Alternatives to web based platforms
This is the DVD cover Raihan had designed
for "The Paper Trail"
Although the internet is the best form of media to release and distribute our media product, there are also non-web based alternatives to those who wish to do it the old fashioned way. One way to distribute our film could be to release it on DVD and try and to distribute it. As our film is unknown by the public, people would be unwilling to pay for it would therefore be more logically to just distribute the DVD freely then to sell it on. This can attract people who have no access to the internet but is only available to locals and not worldwide such as Youtube.

Film Festivals

Film festivals can also be used to address a large audience in an event. Within film festivals, there is also media coverage and with that, the media coverage can bring in more recognition. Like a domino affect, the media such as television broadcasts can distribute our film for us automatically.

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