Thursday, 7 April 2011

EVALUATION: Question 4 & 5

Our film was presented to 142 students and a board of teachers. Our film was also uploaded on the internet; on social networking sites, like Blogger, where people are able to list their favourite blogs on their page and refer them to other people, therefore greatly increasing the number of views of the production and doing all the distributing legwork for us. 
Blogger is a useful platform in which people can refer
their favourite blogs to each other.

There are other websites such as, Youtube and Facebook, MySpace etc that can also help us get our film noticed by the global market as they are globally renowned because they are free, easy to access and a great medium for todays' media.

Facebook - one of the most popular social networking sites on the planet

Youtube - the global centre for online videos on the internet.

Alternatives to web based platforms

An alternative to web based platforms is creating a DVD for those that do not have access to a computer or internet resources. 

This is the DVD cover Raihan had designed
for 'The Paper Trail'.

Film festivals are another great way to get an independent film noticed as it THE place for independent movie-makers. They are held all over the world and it is where all the aspiring film makers come together to view, display and comment on the many productions on show. It is a great way for independent film makers to get critical feedback and get inspiration for their own projects. It is also a great opportunity to grab the attention of major film companies.

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