Friday, 8 April 2011


James is a 24 year old, who works as Operations manager at a Nando's restaurant the o2, in
South-East London. His restaurant is in close proximity to a cinema complex and other venues, he has a lively social life and works monday to friday, so he always is looking for a good time! He's really in to action and thriller films, especially Psychological ones, as it freaks him out and is always looking for a thrill! He lives in a apartment by himself near by Canary Wharf and has plenty of mates. He's single, so that means he's not inclined to watch a certain kind of film if he's out on a date! He'll go with his mates to the cinema to watch the latest releases and a film, like 'The Paper Trail' catches his eye. As he's really in to those kind of thrillers... Blood, guts and a psychotic killer, well... that sounds good for him!

He drives a Audi R8, and has a good salary of £35,000. He shops for brand clothing like Ralph Polo, Bench etc. So he has a good taste in clothing and for fun, he's always looking to do something with his mates, like going go-carting and paint balling. He craves those thrills and is constantly looking for the next idea about what to do for his action-packed weekends. He has plenty of disposable income, as we realised something about our film, it wouldn't be suitable for teenagers of 15 years and over to be into. Our film is a hard cut and sophisticated thriller that would appeal to the 18 year age range, as they would possess more intelligence.

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