Thursday, 7 April 2011

EVALUATION: Question 3

Craig himself
His university

Craig is an average guy of 24 years enjoying life as a young adult. Studying a degree in architecture in university shows that he is no stranger when it comes to something out of the ordinary. When it comes down to it, he is a serious guy, but he always likes to see the funny side of things instead of the negative.
At the movies
He likes to do all the conventional things that most people his age like to do; listen to music, go out and make the most of what there is to make the most out of. This involves socialising and meeting new people to do new things.

Where he works
One of these is going to the cinema. As a film fanatic, when it comes to the latest must see movie, Craig is a sucker in spending his money he earns as an HMV employee.
Music fanatic
He loves to watch a good film which keeps him constantly intrigued and involved in whats happening on screen or keeps him constantly on edge eager to know what is going to happen next. This is where The Paper Trail comes into play. The Paper Trail is a psychological thriller which keeps the audience continually "in the dark" of what the motives of the killer are and exactly who he is. This is something which Craig likes to see in movies as unlike other genres, there is an element of suspense and constant urge to know what will happen next. Other films in other genres have no hidden story behind the main story which is something that intrigues someone like Craig as you don't see the bigger picture of the story until mainly the end.
Socialising and meeting new people

This is why people always say thrillers contain a twist in the storyline. It could make all the little bits of information shown in a film add up together and show a bigger picture of the full story.

This means instead of e.g. showing the journey of a character, the bigger picture will show how the character got there and why. This shows intelligence in the the storyline which is something the younger generation of adults like to see as the younger generation are not as easily as impressed as before.

This film generally appeals to young adults than the mid teenage category that we would like. This is due the violence and material present which may not be suitable for certain people. Also, most psychological thrillers consist of heavy twists which can be quite confusing for a younger generationg of people. An example of this is Inception. Although rated as a 15 film, its severe twists make the film very confusing and hard to follow. As The Paper Trail is an 18+ film, it can appeal to anyone in their 20's and early 30's.

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