Thursday, 7 April 2011

EVALUATION: Question 2

Both The Paper Trail and Halloween have a main character where their identity is unknown. This is a similarity between both the main characters in our own film The Paper Trail and in the blockbuster hit Halloween. In both films, the identity of "the killer" is never fully displayed to the audience. This is because in Halloween, Mike Myers is never shown as he wears a mask on his face throughout the film. However, the difference in our film is that although our main character does not wear a mask, his full face is not shown; sections of his face are shown such as his mouth (to show the characters emotion) but there is not one shot were the character's face is fully shown on the screen. The identity of both characters are always hidden which is why both characters can relate to each other.
Main character in The Paper Trail; the origami killer

Main character in Halloween; Mike Myers
The aspect of an anonymous character where their personality, thoughts, feelings and emotions are hidden, frightens audiences. This is due to the fact the audience are completely unaware of the characters capabilities, thoughts and emotions which we all use to gain a general impression of someone and what they are like. People fear what they can not understand. Both characters have do not speak in the film making which furthermore adds to the mystery of what the character is like. People can generally gain an impression of a persons feelings from the way they speak (e.g. loud fast talking can relate anger) and as neither character talks, they just seem like an empty soul in a human body.

The reason we incorporated this into The Paper Trail is because it fits well into that psychological thriller where the character seems abnormal to the rest of us in terms of human behaviour and emotions. The clothing of the two characters are very similar; both wear rough and dirty clothing that shows they have no care for appearance and are only focused on doing one thing.

Both characters can also relate due to their persona's. The audience know that in both films, both characters are obviously not "the good guy" but "the bad guy" instead as their main focus is to harm others with no regret whatsoever. What can be distinguished between this however is the way in which they harm others. Both characters go out to kill their victims, but the difference is that in Halloween, the event is more confronting and violent whereas in The Paper Trail, the event is more secretive and calm. This is displayed shown as in Halloween the audience can clearly see the murder weapon and see & know how the victim dies. In The Paper Trail, it is completely different; the audience do not see the murder and are unaware of how they are murdered.

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