Thursday, 7 April 2011

EVALUATION: Question 2 - How does your media product represent particular social groups?

Michael Myers from Halloween

Origami Killer from The Paper Trail

In The Paper Trail and Halloween the identities of the villains remains anonymous as this in itself creates tension for the audience because it creates the belief that anyone can die at any time because the murderer could be anyone. It is for this reason we decided to base our villain on Michael Myers but with a twist. both the villains have a similar dress code; an old, work jacket, messy hair, stiff rigid movements. These similarities are what makes the Origami Killer be seen as the villain, he is not seen as a normal person due to the similarities between him and Myers.
Although looking at the two characters there are some very obvious differences such as; the Origami Killer does not wear a mask to hide his identity, the Origami Killer does not show himself to be psychopath because there are not any weapons shown such as the signature kitchen knife Myers butchers his victims with. Another difference between the two is that Myers is shown performing his evil deeds on his victims whereas the Origami Killer is not shown in such a way. Instead the Origami Killer is linked to the murders by the paper cranes he leaves behind, his calling card, because the majority of the opening the main focus is the creation of the paper cranes and this information is presented to the audience so they can put the pieces of the puzzle together themselves. 

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