Thursday, 7 April 2011

EVALUATION: Question 1


The Paper Trail

Here are 9 screen shots of our film compared to 9 screen shots from another film called Deadwood. The reason we chose Deadwood to compare to our film is because the openings of both these films have very similar aspects. Firstly, the fonts used are quite basic and do not require much attention due to the fact that they are displayed throughout the shots instead of on a blank screen used to make it the main focus. The positioning of the texts is similar because both the films display the texts on a different part of the screen so as to keep the audiences focus on the mise en scene. Another similarity is the use of close ups and extreme close ups which help build tension and set the pace for the film. These are crucial to development of the storyline and an essential part of establishing to the audience what kind of film it is. The lighting is mainly dark and depressing which also helps the audience identify the genre/sub-genre of the film.

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