Thursday, 7 April 2011

EVALUATION: Question 1

Here are 9 screen shots of our film compared to 9 screen shots from another film called Deadwood. The reason we chose Deadwood and compared it to our own film is due to the way the titles are shown on screen. 

The Paper Trail

Both The Paper Trail and Deadwood and show titles such as actor names, producer etc... on screen unlike other films where it cuts to e.g. a blank black screen to display the titles. It is notable that both Deadwood and our film The Paper Trail use the same style in which we display our fonts. Instead of placing the titles all in one specific area of the screen, they are dispersed around the whole screen; the actors name in The Paper Trail is placed in the centre to the right of the screen much like Deadwood which too has the actors name placed in the centre to the right of the screen. Furthermore, the colour and font are yet again quiet similar. Both films have kept to a basic white colour for the text to maybe outline the context of the film, and both have also used a font style which is neither basic or dramatically disorientating; both fonts are chosen to match to suitability and nature of the film in terms of mise en scene and storyline.

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