Monday, 14 March 2011

RESEARCH: Post analysis of a Title sequence that inspires you

For the Video viewing of Machete:

This is the analysis of a the title sequence of 'Machete', I found it really enjoyable to watch and noted down the factors that were effective in the build up to this sequence. First of all, the colour tones of the shots, the bloody red background along with the green, orange and blue, provided a sense of atmosphere about it. obviously, one could tell that the red tone connoted death and violence etc. In addition, the dripping of these colours in a 'blood' sort of form, enhanced the ideal concerning violence. The depictions of weapons, like the Machetes and a wide range of Guns, provides an insight in to the sort of personality these characters have.

Also, sexuality plays a role in this title sequence, in collaboration with violence. In one shot (as pictured), there's a green background with a woman, appearing to lick her weapon. The pace and motion of this sequence is fast and rigid, it also focuses on some aspects of the sequence. I could possiby, take the aspect of pace into consideration, when coming to the editing process of my film, to adapt that similar effect. Question is, 'Would it work with a Psychological Thriller?

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