Friday, 25 March 2011

Structure of Opening with Examples: RESEARCH

There are various examples of openings, in to introducing the film.
Typically, it will be the first 20 second or more segment that introduces, the production companies and the Director of the Film.

Some like this one, of the film, 'Bullit'. Have the font on top of the images and shots of the film. This creates the sense of action and anticipation. Usually, it doesn't give away a lot about the film from observations. However, this sort of approach really does depend on what sort of genre the film is embodying.

For instance, if a horror film was to be the case. A black out background, with the font or logos would be more effective, in portraying the tension and suspense in to the audience, as they won't know what to expect. Also, the sound will accompany well with this structure.

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