Friday, 25 March 2011

RESEARCH: Storyline influence

Our main influence to base our film on came from a video game released in 2010 called Heavy Rain. The bases of the game focuses on a serial killer who creates origamis which represents his victims. We decided to take the main element of the game, which is the origamis and create a clip we want in our own way.  We are not the first to create a film based on a video game. Others include major hits such as Resident Evil and even Silent Hill. What this tells me is that the video game industry is progressing in terms of story lines (much like a film). This shows how media has converged with the other sub-aspects of the industry to create new and fresh media mediums. Although risky, we found out that basing the film on such a game is a good gamble as Heavy Rain is a global hit in the gaming world. Only big hit games such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill have has movies made out of them due to their success in the gaming world.

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