Friday, 4 March 2011

RESEARCH: Different types of Thriller soundtracks

While editing our film, we decided to do some research on the type of thriller soundtrack we wanted to include on our finished piece. We noticed some variances between the different genres of horrors and their soundtracks. In an action thriller such as Taking of Pelham 123 the music used is upbeat and high tempo relevant to the theme it is representing.

Taking of Pelham 123 sample soundtrack

As we are going for a psychological horror based theme, we decided to go for a soundtrack relevant to the theme we were going for in our film. The theme of a soundtrack is dependent on the instruments used in the music and the tempo it is being played at. A slow tempo track is more associated to a horror thriller as it will convey the deep and saddening emotions the audience feels. An instrument such as a violin is more suited for this. A high tempo track (like the one in Taking of Pelham 123) is more associated to fast paced action. Although no actual instrument is used in the soundtrack, we can tell it is all computerised sound effects which is something we are not looking for.

The type of soundtrack we are aiming for is similar and along the lines of these:

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