Tuesday, 1 March 2011

RESEARCH: Deciding on location

When planning our film, we had one concern about the production; where to record? Our initial idea was first to record on the streets and various alleyways around London. But we realised that doing so would have complications. We would be constantly be interrupted by members of the public if we were to be recording in a public place such as a park. We also realised that it did not have that much relevance to our mise en scene. We then decided that indoors would be the best option. 

We were looking for a scary run down and old place which was safe and available to use for recording. This is when we decided of recording in a safe storage container. It matched the psychological thriller we were aiming for. But then we thought about how exactly we would use it. An empty storage container had nothing inside of it what so ever so it would be difficult to take props and put it in there. We needed a variety of props from a table and chair to paper. The cost to use the container was £54 for one week. We decided that the price was not cost effective to us as we only needed for a few hours.  Also, the largest size container was only big enough to have one person and a tripod in there which would limit us from the wide and distant shots we would like to use. 
It was then that Raihan Malik thought of an old 18th century building he visited years before. This was a 300 year old building which used to be an old milling factory which made wheat and gin. Used as a cafe downstairs only and unused for its built purpose, this was the perfect place we want to use and fitted perfectly to our mise en scene. The old interior gave a realistic effect on film and with genuine old props in a dark, dirty, untouched environment, it was the location of choice. 

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