Monday, 7 March 2011

Hazards & Dangers In The Location

Since the House Mill site was still undergoing refurbishment and restoration, some areas of the site was a absolute 'no-go' for us, due to the safety issues. During the tour, Beverley had shown us these areas of the mill which would either be too dangerous at times or were to be avoided.

Some of the dangerous areas:

The foundation floors:
These areas were prone to flooding (due to the tide), as the River Lea ran underneath it. We were notified that if we were to film on those premises, we would have to take into consideration of when the tide would rise.

The Trap doors:
The Trap doors appear amongst the flooring, they go through the whole site (which is about 5 floors), if we were to fall, we would end up in the River below. We were notified of the whereabouts of these on each floor.

The Staircases:
Some of the staircases were left unfinished, therefore getting around the building, would be accessed via the fire exits designated around the site.

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