Friday, 25 March 2011

Hazards and Dangers

Three Mills site is an old 18th century building in the process of refurbishmentRefurbishment was still in progress in some areas of the site which made it dangerous for us to be in certain areas of the house. On our first day, the owner of the house, Beverley kindly showed us around the building and advised us which areas were safe and what hazards there are.
Dangerous areas:

The Floor Boards:
This area was deemed too unhygienic to record in. This is because the floor below was just recently flooded a few days before from the lake directly underneath the floor boards. As there are rats in the area and other animals around the habitat, the water is infected with their feces and urine and so the floorboards are too unhygienic to work on. 

The Trap doors:
The building has various trap doors on the floor in various rooms. We were noted which rooms the trap doors were in so we can avoid them. The trap doors lead directly to the river below which was a major hazard when moving around in the building.

The Construction work:
Due to some refurbishments, some areas were left uncompleted which poses a danger when moving around the building.

Dangerous Equipment:
There are many types of dangerous equipment throughout the whole building which poses a risk to us. Most objects are sharp and/or heavy items which are hazardous and also valuable. Care is needed when moving throughout the building as these items (if drop on you) can easily kill you.

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