Friday, 25 March 2011

Filming: Day 3

Day 3 felt more relaxing as we met up at 10am on a Friday morning knowing we had done most of the work the day before. We started in a more relaxing manner and got something to eat at first. We then went into Three Mills and had a think about all the clips we recorded and if we had enough. This is when we decided the outside location of Three Mills was a great area to record the final pieces of our film in. About 100 meters away is a low lying Tube bridge for the London Underground trains passing over the river. This combined with the river and enclosed location with few people passing meant it was a choice for our last scene. It was here which we recorded our last clips with surprisingly no interruptions from people walking around the area. After finishing filming, we headed back to Three Mills and thanked the owner Beverley for her help and kindly donated money.

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