Friday, 25 March 2011

Filming: Day 2

The second day was much better as Saydul was able to attend to make the origamis which allowed us to fully begin recording. This was the most intensive day of filming. Once we were all in Three Mills, we sat down and conversed with each other regarding the film, what should/shouldn't be done and how we were going to do it. This day was when we done most of the recording. We managed to record all the main shots we needed in a short space of time. As we had turned up early to the location and had recorded the majority of clips needed, we began to become creative and see what can be added to the film in terms of effective camera shots. This is where we recorded clips which were not initially in the plan and have come to great use in the final film. As we felt that enough had been done for the day, we decided it would be best to come back tomorrow (as we were tired from the early start) and record maybe one or two more clips which we might think of after some rest. The reassured the owner of Three Mills we will return as the room we were recording had not been put back to has it was.

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