Friday, 25 March 2011

Filming: Day 1

On Wednesday 23rd February me, Raihan Malik and Kyle Graham met up at Bromley-by-bow station to begin our recording in Three Mills down the road. After unforeseen circumstances Saydul Ahmed was unable to attend. Before we got down to any recording, we had a thorough tour of the whole building and let aware of the dangers of some rooms and their trap doors. This tour allowed us to see exactly what room we wanted to record in and as the building was large, he had a huge choice. We then sat down with the owner Beverley and told her exactly our plans and what rooms we'd be using along with our films storyboard and storyline. Once shown and aware of where we were and were not allowed to go, we headed to our chosen room to record. As our film was based on origamis we needed them to begin recording. However, the only person who knew how to make the origamis was Saydul who was unable to attend. This therefore set us back as we could not fully begin to record freely without the origamis. Instead we began to improvise and record shots which did not need the origamis on screen such as footsteps or POV out the window. After spending roughly 2 hours 30 minutes moving objects into position and recording, we decided nothing more could be done today so we took the equipment and went home to continue recording tomorrow. 

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