Tuesday, 29 March 2011

EVALUATION: Question 6 Audience Feedback

The feedback we mainly received from the class viewing of 'The Paper Trail', was consistent of good comments and compliments. Which was a little aggravating, as we were looking for at least one bit of criticism... and we found it! it was regarding the lack of sound effects that could accompany the soundtrack, in our film. This was a problem we did have, during the editing process; we didn't want to take the risk of deviating away from the initial elements of the Psychological genre, we were following. Apart from that particular concern,the comments mentioned were as follows:

  • The location was a excellent place to film.
  • The acting was 'effective'.
  • The soundtrack suited the theme well
  • Lighting was done well.
  • Cinematography was excellent.
  • The film was well executed.

On the 5th April, all the AS Media Studies students attended the viewings of all the films at The Screen On The Green Cinema, we were all quite anxious to find out what sort of feedback we would recieve. I managed to film the screen showing our production and well... what you could hear was... PIN DROP SILENCE! Which was exactly what we were trying to aim for with our film. The end result in the aspect of criticism, was the same as the class viewing, hardly any comments regarding faults, at all. We had strongly kept to the strengths of the elements that surround a Psychological Thriller film. For that, We were all very pleased, as we put in a lot of time and effort.

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