Thursday, 31 March 2011

EVALUATION: Question 8 Progress from Prelim to final film

I think we have progressed a lot as the preliminary task enabled us to familiarise ourselves with the process of filming and editing. When we first started filming the preliminary we had more or less no idea what we were doing so we ended up improvising. And with some great acting and bucket full of luck we managed to pull it off... just about. The preliminary was like an introduction to film making for us and if we hadn't done it we would have really suffered when producing the final.

We learnt how to take different shots and explored the angles that seemed the best fit for the scene and we made sure to take extra shots just in case for the preliminary, this enabled us to easily get on with our filming.
It became simple; all we had to do was think of an idea and make it work, if looked right we kept the shot, if it didn't we'd try again. our filming skills were greatly improved during the preliminary task this gave us the advantage when it came down to the final film.

The preliminary task was a great way for us to get to grips with the editing program Final Cut Pro. We started off with the basics and started being more creative once we became comfortable with the software. This was most probably one of the most important things we learnt through experience during the preliminary task and it paid off really well in the end.

We didn't make a soundtrack to accompany our preliminary video because we preferred the diegetic sound. But we did manage to get the hang of the soundtrack making program Soundtrack Pro in the end. We were also able to effectively create sound bridges between scenes due to the practice and effort we put in in the preliminary task.

When we made our prelim we did not do any planning whatsoever, the whole film was completely spontaneous improvisation. The only compulsory thing was that there had to be a match-cut in it. So the whole prelim required more or less no planning whatsoever. The lack of planning limited our options and the development of the film. This was a good lesson we learned early because if we didn't  plan for our final film we would not have created such an intricate piece of film. SO we made sure to plan ahead for our final production. We made animatic storyboards which were continuously revised and tweaked till we got the desired response from the audience.

We also had  a tough time securing a suitable location for our projects. The  location had to compliment the storyline and the characters. For the prelim, due to the lack of forethought, we filmed it in a disused classroom which looked like an office, this gave it a more formal  portrayal. The final film was filmed in an old mill which gave it an eerie and slightly malevolent look and feel.

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