Tuesday, 29 March 2011

EVALUATION: Question 6 Audience Feedback

The feedback we received from the class, was a basket full of of good comments and compliments. Which was very flattering, however we also wanted a few criticisms but fortunately enough we received ONE! it was regarding the lack of sound effects that could accompany the soundtrack, in our film. This was a problem we had while we were editing; we didn't want to take the risk of deviating away from the initial elements of the Psychological genre, we were going for or making everything overly predictable. Apart from that single criticism,the positive comments mentioned were:

  • The location was a excellent place to film.
  • The acting was 'effective'.
  • The soundtrack suited the theme well
  • Lighting was done well.
  • Cinematography was excellent.
  • The film was well executed.

Our film was also shown to over 100 students and teachers at the Screen On The Green cinema (above). As the audience settled down to watch our production there was complete and utter SILENCE. I watched as a member of the audience sat staring at the screen as if in a trance hypnotised by the magic of our film. The best reaction from the audience was the loud gasp they made at the sudden shock as they pieced together in their minds what had just happened on the screen as the victim lay dead staring at the audience.

Here are some more comments from the viewers:

Response to criticism: The diegetic sound of the trains passing over the bridge where the victim lay dead was intentional as it created a sense of realism. The diegetic sound was used as a sound bridge to get the viewer to want to see what happens next, and for this reason the sound of the trains was left in instead of replacing it with a cliche sound track of tense music used in many, many films. 

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