Tuesday, 29 March 2011

EVALUATION: Question 6 Audience Feedback

Here is a wordle of the comment received from class peers. The larger text is the most common words which appeared in the comments received from our class mates. The Paper Trail was just written so you can see the title of the film. The words mostly written from feedback was the words "Excellent" and "Good" with various comments showing their personal feelings towards the clip. It is noted that even the comments "peng actors" were received as feedback along with various other positive words. Only one criticism was received and that was that the sound effects could have been more intuitive.

Comments received include all complements such as:
  • Excellent Location and Mise en Scene
  • Good camera shots
  • Good actors
  • Well edited
  • Music very suspenseful
  • Full of tension
  • Lighting was excellent
The one bad comment we received was:
  • Lack of sound effects in music
We are certainly aware of the lack of sound effects in the clip and this was a problem we were discussing on deadline day. As we felt that there was not many sound effects which fitting into our clips we decided to leave it as it was. Had we had more time, this would have been resolved.

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