Tuesday, 1 March 2011

DAY 3: Final day of filming at the House Mill

Saydul turned up!!!

He bought four home made paper cranes aswell!!!
We were all relieved at that, as we were frustrated with our failed attempts in our 'make-shift' origami lessons from Youtube.com on Mustafa's Blackberry. Since Saydul was initially going to be the Killer and he was absent yesterday, I had to take on that role, so we decided that Saydul would be the dead victim! That's Fair isn't it!?

So we filmed the range of close up shots of the sequence of the Cranes and the process of making a Crane, too. We also attributed extra shots as we wanted a vairety of shots, to make the whole sequence intresting and to ensure we had enough shots to put together a good quality production, whilst editing on Final Cut Pro, when we get back to College after the Half term.

After filming those shots, I took out some time to make...

I made a seperate blog about the recipe in how to make it!

Anyways, after we completed the shots at the House Mill facility, we went outside, underneath the bridge where the Trains would go past, where there was a public pathway near the river; where people would go fishing in the area. We believed that the Train noise would act very effectively, as diagetic background sound, if needed. Also, it would break off from the soundtrack to provide the transition of another setting.

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