Friday, 4 March 2011

Day 3; Filming

Today we all met up at ten for an early start. As i live in North London and the Three Mills House Mills is in East London i had to take 45 minute train journey.

We made our way to the Three Mills where we went and continued on from yesterday. Today all of our group was there so we were ready to complete all of our filming. We carried on filming referring to our storyboard when we need to know what shot came next. With the location we used it allowed us to be creative with our shots, e.g filming through a wooden crate, to give that 'your being watched' effect.

After completing the shots we needed inside we went outside to film the death scene which is the final scene in our sequence. We went with our fake blood and filmed underneath a bridge near the river lea. Saydul played the dead person so we covered him in abit of blood, we had Raihan walking off into the distance, with the natural light it looked really good. As we was under the bridge they were trains passing above, and on the film it sounded really good.

All of our shots in the bag, we gave a donation to The Three Mills, and thanked them for everything then went to get some well earned 'grub'.

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