Monday, 21 March 2011

Changes to be made in light of feedback from Roughcut

The main issues we came across, during the editing process was the amount of time that the film actually took. It accounted for 1 minute and 12 seconds, which left a massive gap of 38 seconds. We reckon that we can work around it, by inserting 20 seconds of production logos. As our film has a slow pace, along with the music, it can heighten the tension through slow paces. Also, the effect of 'Schizopheria' in the shots; couple of the shots in the film had a lower speed, to demonstrate this effect, however, it makes the film look inconsistent, therefore, the effect should be placed on shots that really call for it. In addition, to the appearence of shots, we need to think about the colour effect we want to have, as our sequence tracks to a previous event. The depiction of black and white tone on a section of the film, can highlight the distuinguishment between the present and the past.

The music has to be inserted too, along with the attrubuted sound effects to go in motion with the actions portrayed in the film.

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