Thursday, 3 February 2011

RESEARCH: List Of Thriller Sub-Genres; Which inspires you at the moment and why?

Thriller Sub-genres in brief

A thriller can be portrayed in many different types of media, a movie, play etc. However, most films tend to intertwine the initial elements of a Thriller with other genres to match the nature of the storyline.

Examples of Thriller Sub-Genres:

Action-Adventure Thriller:
Treasure hunt, search for a lost archeological site, the world's lost meteorite, a mystery lost to time-action-adventure brings back our childhood fantasies of being the adventurer. This is also one of the hardest sub-genres of thriller to write because of the amount of action required.

Serial Killer Thriller:
This is an extremely popular subgenre of thriller. In this subgenre, a serial killer is terrorizing a group of people with horrific violence. The detective's goal is to stop the killer before he takes his next victim.

Techno Thriller:
When people talk about thriller, the first thing they usually think of is a techno thriller like Tom Clancy's books. In techno-thrillers, the technology drives the plot, whether it's new military technology for a submarine or forensics. 

Mystery Thriller: 
Films inwhich there is a mystery or an investigation to be sold, the idea of suspense dwells around the idea of solving it.

Psychological Thriller: 
The aspect of mental and emotional relations are explored, instead of physical violence.

Disaster Thriller:
Any kind of disaster that can affect lots of people e.g. a dam bursting, a tornado sweeping through Los Angeles, a luxury cruise liner sinking.

My favourite and most inspirational thriller is an action packed psychological crime thriller called 'Law Abiding Citizen' because it grabbed my attention from the very beginning and gives an in-depth insight into the mind of a criminal mastermind who decides to take justice into his own hands.

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