Saturday, 5 February 2011

RESEARCH: How is Suspense created in the film you watched in class? Analyse 3 scenes in detail.

The first scene that creates suspense in the film 'The Stepfather' is the opening sequence where the Stepfather is shown as a normal person; having a shower, colouring his hair, shaving and making breakfast in his kitchen and then the tilt shows that he is very far from being normal.  This made the audience feel really uncomfortable, as we realise how casually he seemed to behave when he was changing his appearance, especially how casually he behaves when he's walking past the dead bodies of his former family. The song 'Silent night' is playing in the background. the non-diegetic sound adds to the normality of the scene up until the camera tilts and then the song comes across as very dark and twisted.

The second scene which creates suspense is when the stepfather goes to the old woman's house where he murders her by pushing her down the stairs. Suspense is created when the doorbell rings and the old woman goes to open it but there is no one there. however the fact that no one was there creates suspense in itself because we're thinking something is going to happen to that woman. Then the cat jumps out of nowhere. this is called a false plato. after we realise it was just a cat the audience relaxes and is relieved only to be shocked by the stepfather coming out of nowhere and trying to kill her. The suspense is created by the cat and the over the shoulder shots used when the old woman goes to open the door.

The third scene that creates suspense is when the sister-in-law is trying to get the umbrella out of the pool. the diegetic sound adds an eerie aspect to the scene also helped with the fact that its raining and the pool's lit up. This makes the audience think that something is definitely going to happen. she gets on her knees to pull the umbrella out when out of nowhere the stepfather comes out and drowns her. The sound, setting and the time of day all help create suspense in this scene.

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