Monday, 14 February 2011

PLANNING: Jelly Babies Brief

Our group was told to use jelly babies and show characters enter a room and share a few lines of dialogue. To do this we had to take still images(snapshots) by using a camera. Our group decided to base our scenario on the film The Matrix.

We drew on costumes on the jelly babies, so we could differentiate between them. We started with one jelly baby in the room and another entering and having a conversation. We used shot reverse shot and over the shoulder shots to show this. Then one of the jelly babies (Agent Smith) splits into 3 separate yet identical ones(Agent Clones). We did these by taking multiple shots of the jelly baby and the ones appearing from behind it. The jelly baby (Neo) then attacks and defeats the other jelly babies, then flies away. During this part we took different shots at different angles and also used close up shots as well as a birds-eye-view shot.

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