Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Font Analysis: RESEARCH

In our lesson we learnt about font. There are two different types of fonts used, Serif fonts which look like and Sans serif fonts.

Serif fonts are traditionally used as its more formal, whereas Sans serif fonts are more informal, relaxed and seem more modern.

People usually look at fonts and just see the title of a film however if you have a closer look it can tell you quite abit.

The Hangover uses and Ariel font, this is a Sans Serif font, this tells us that the film is modern and that its informal. The writing has lights in it which looks like something you'll see in Las Vegas.

The King's speech is written using Serif fonts. This implies that the film is more serious.  The letters are sharp and strong like how the king is supposed to be for our country. The 'I' is dotted with a crown which also relates to the king.

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