Friday, 25 February 2011

Day 2; Filming at Three Mills

We made our way up to Bromley-by-Bow to go to our filming location.

The Three Mills House Mills is where we were using. The mills used to be an old harvesting factory so it still has many old features. This added to mise-en-scene, giving a creepy, old look. The mill still has most of its original beams which definitely added effect.

Beverly the Manager of the House Mills was really friendly. She took us on a tour and then we sat down to discuss where would be the best place to film. The house mills had many props and pieces that would make our piece more interesting. This was useful for us as it meant we wouldn't have to bring anything, we could use what was there. The light coming through the window gave us the silhouette effect we wanted.

We chose to use the first floor, this floor had the type of window we were looking for, also it had an old looking table which we needed for our piece, which was an added bonus.

As we were one man down this meant we wasn't able to film everything. However we did what we could then decided to come back the next day.

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