Friday, 25 February 2011

Day 1; Equipment & location

On the 23rd February we went to college to pick up all the equipment. From there we took the short trip to safe store on Pentonville Road.

We looked at different sized containers at safe store. The first 16 square ft container was really small, the tripod itself would just about fit in it. We then looked at the two next size up. The largest of them all being the 25 sq ft. However this also seemed to small and all of them either had a step or beam in it which would mean theres less space. To use the containers we would have to pay for a weeks rental, although we would only be using it for 3 days max. For the 25 sq ft it was £54.00 working out to £13.50 per person.

After sitting down and discussing our options we decided on using The Three Mills.

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