Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Acquiring the locations

Well, where to start!

We had been in contact with the House Mill, in Bromley-By-Bow (which the venue was going to be our initial location). However, it seemed that we were going to need a Plan B, just incase we don't get the site.

Me and Mustafa took care of this issue, and decided that we would use 'Safestore' on Pentonville Road, as a back up. Considering that it's just walking distance from the Sixth Form College. We would be able to pop in to the college and acquire anything that we would need. Also, we'd be able to leave the camera equipment at college, as we all live far distances from the Sixth Form College.

Now, the House Mill has got back to me and given us the go-ahead! However, so has Safestore!

The differences between the two locations:

House Mill has heritage, as it used to be a wheat producer in the East end, during the 18th century. So it consists of that spooky aspect.

Safestore has a wide range of steel containers, varying in size. This is useful to deploy that claustrophobic tension. As we are doing a Psycological thriller.

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