Thursday, 10 February 2011

3 parts in 'The Stepfather' which had a suspense moment.

While waathcing the thriller 'The Stepfather' we had to note three moments which showed moments of suspense well.

The first moment I chose was where David visits and kills Mrs. Cutter.  In this clip the mise en scene adds to the suspense. The cat screeches and hids under the table scared by something, however when she looks theres nothing there, the music adds to this, creating a 'false plato'. When the doors shut and we see the mirror this creates suspense as we feel like something is about to happen, the we see Davids reflection behind Mrs.Cutter this is an example of an over the shoulder shot being used very well.

When Michael and his girlfriend are in his bedroom the door is ajar. When the camera focuses on it, it makes it seem as if there being watched however when they check no one is there this puts the auidence at ease. When they open the door David appears out of no where this puts the auidence's hearts in their mouth.

The third clip i chose was where Susan's sister was taking the parasol out of the pool. When bending down suspense is created by the close up of her, so when she turns around and David is there this comes as a shock not only to her but the auidence aswell. The shot used when she sees him is an eyeline shot so we see everything excatly as she does. The weather adds to the suspense. What else they do is make us see her drowning when David pushes her head under the water this is like were drowning with her.

After watching this some aspects that we could take away and integrate into our piece is the music and how its used. And also the camera shot and how they add to the suspense. Also i quite liked the point of view shot as this gives the auidence knowledge.

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