Thursday, 20 January 2011

RESEARCH: List of sub-genres - which inspires me at the moment and why?

Thrillers vary due to the different elements they impose on the audience and how it makes them feel. The main elements in thriller films include suspense, tension, and excitement. Thrillers include a wide range of sub-genres that employ the effects mentioned above on different levels. For example, one film may focus more on the element of suspense whereas another may focus more on tension. 
Crime thrillers mainly involve ransoms, captivities, heists, revenge, kidnappings and murders to uplift the audience's emotions in an exciting yet tense manner.
Mystery thrillers include investigations which holds suspense throughout. This is because the audience wonders throughout what the "final answer" is (e.g who is the murderer?). This involves the "whodunit" technique as the audience are left wondering throughout the entire movie.
Common elements in psychological thrillers are mind games, psychological themes, stalking, confinement/deathtraps, horror-of-personality and obsession. 
Elements such as conspiracy theories, false accusations, paranoia and sometimes action are common in paranoid thirllers.
Below are the thriller sub-genres that most engage me.
  • Crime Thrillers--------------------------------------------- Taking of Pelham 123
  • Psychological Thrillers------------------------------------- Phone Booth
  • Tech-no Thrillers------------------------------------------ I, Robot
The reason that these are my favourite sub-genres of thrillers vary. This is because of the different ways they create anticipation, anxiety, uncertainty and the general way they engage an audience with what is happening. What I like most about thriller films is the sudden twist in storyline, action or atmosphere that creates a sudden change in emotion. Thrillers seem to give a sense of adrenaline building up, especially in suspense films as there is a lot of emotion the you feel which you just wish to release. This emotion is usually released when we find out what it is that is keeping us so tense. The scene of curiosity and that feeling of wanting to know what happens just creates the feeling that builds up which makes us want to know more thus keeping us engaged with the film. The one which I have to say inspires me the most at the moment is Crime Thrillers. This is because, already being a fan of action films, crime thrillers add that unexpected twist which you don't really get in ordinary action films.

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