Monday, 17 January 2011

RESEARCH: Analysis of a Title Sequence


When the clip begins, the audience are firstly shown the Columbia Pictures logo which slowly zooms into the screen. Columbia Pictures is the company which has distributed and released the film hence why it is right at the opening of the title sequence. A car horn is then heard while the shot is still zooming into the screen as we are presented with a view of New York City. Here is where text appears showing the distributor Columbia Pictures and Metro Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures. Other names appear such as Relativity Media, Scott Free and Escape Artists at 0:37 seconds in. These are the producers of the film therefore they appear relatively early on in the title sequence. The directors name Tony Scott is then the first name to appear along with the main actors name Denzel Washington and John Travolta with music being played on when the names appear. These were being shown while fast images of New York City urban life were on screen along with hip-hop music. After a short delay, the full name of the film Taking of Pelham 123 is then shown 1:17 seconds into the opening sequence.

Its not until about 30 seconds later where more names appear showing less import actors names in the film while showing the three important characters of the film as trains go by (showing the characters surroundings) and music continues.

There is another gap where more names are shown 28 seconds later. The films creators such as the costume designer and music creator names etc then appear one after another while the film begins to have a few dialogues in between.

We are then presented with more images of New York City and their Subways where more important names are shown. These include the creators and developers of the film such as the co-producer and editors 2:55 seconds in. This is then followed by the executive producers names then a slight gap, with the producers names as the last title heading before the film begins to develop into a story at 4.03.

Music was more intensified every time a name had appeared on screen with a deep guitar sound being played at first. Then when names of others appear on screen, the music was quite then suddenly erupted as cut-aways of the city were shown. The music then intensified again while executive producers names where shown near the end.

The way in which they organised their title sequence seemed irregular. This is because they showed the title of the film midway, when in other films they are usually shown nearly right at the beginning or right at the end. To have the producers names appear last seemed irregular as the producers are important people in the production of the film, and the most important information is usually shown at the beginning such as the distributor (Columbia Pictures) and the studios (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Relativity Media, Scott Free, Productions and Escape Artists).

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