Monday, 10 January 2011

RESEARCH: Analysis of a Title Sequence (Taking of Pelham 123)

The very first thing that is shown is the Columbia pictures ident. This is because this company is the main company supporting and producing the film. After the ident other production and distribution companies’ names were displayed including Metro Goldwyn-Mayer pictures and a film by Tony Scott. These were being shown while the film was playing, it showed people getting on and off the trains, these people are just regular everyday commuters and have no significant role in the film. The font and colour used for the writing shown big, bold, black, capitals makes the names of the companies stand out for easier recognition by the audience. The music in the background is fast paced to match the speed of the writing as it appears on screen this also sets the pace for the opening of the film.
The title of the film is shown at 1 minute 15 seconds. After this Denzel Washington and John Travolta's names are shown as they are the most famous and the leading actors in the movie. Their names appear separately; this is to convey to the audience their importance in the movie. However later on in the 4 minute sequence the names of the other actors/actresses is shown in groups and in smaller writing in contrast to Denzel’s and John’s.
There is some dialogue in the background; this is followed by the names of more people who were involved in the creation and production of the movie such as the editor, designer of photography and the executive producers.

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