Thursday, 6 January 2011

RESEARCH: Analysis of a title sequence

The title sequence that my group looked at was The taking of Pelham 123, released 2009.

The beginning of the opening started with the Columbia pictures ident. Other production and distribution companies names followed, such as Metro Goldwyn-Mayer pictures and a film by Tony Scott. As this was being shown on the screen the beginning of the film was playing. It showed commuters getting on and off the train. The music in the background is fast paced this fits in with the way the words come up on the screen.

The title name came up at 1 minute 15 seconds. Following this is Denzel Washington and John Travolta's name as they are the two most famous and lead actors in the movie.There names appear seperatly, however later on in the 4 minute sequence more actors names are shown. They are grouped and are in smaller writing compared to Denzel's and John's.

We get some dialogue in the background, this is followed by more people who were involved in the movie such as the editor, designer of photography and the producers.

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