Monday, 31 January 2011

Preliminary Match Cut Excercise – FINAL FILM

Well, our initial plan from what we did with the Preliminary match cut storyboards, did change when regarding our final film. At first, we were sorting the settings out, trying to make a chair and table be present in our shots. During that period, we picked up a newspaper that gave us our idea, the headline said, ‘Teacher lead double life as Drug Lord’, we just thought perfect! Because, the classroom would be the most suitable setting to carry out the filming.
So I firstly, filmed the match cut shots of the door being opened from both sides of the lock. Then I made some middle shots introducing the character who was working for this teacher drug lord, I also included a close up from a side angle showing the teacher getting off the phone, thereafter, reverse shots were made from over the shoulder angles, when the two characters were in dialogue. Thereafter, the teacher drug lord announced the death of one of his workers, and a shot was delegated to showing a dead body on the floor, which was really amusing. As the first character attempted to put the blame on him. Thereafter, he shot the teacher drug lord as he was going to shoot him. We inserted a gunshot sound clip to amplify the shot, finally a close up shot was played in showing the hand of the teacher drug lord shaking and eventually stop. We had spent the second half of our lesson, editing the film and cutting and trimming the shots on final cut pro. Overall, we were pleased with what we had accomplished.

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