Monday, 31 January 2011

Post an analysis of a title sequence which inspires you: RESEARCH

Here I have the shots taken from ‘Blade II’, as I watched; it contains that build-up of tense happenings. As it shows a figure getting ready or more appropriately, equipped to go into some sort of battle, the darkness that surrounds the shots amplify this tension, as the audience are left in the dark about what is going to happen in the rest of the film. In addition, the close ups of weapons provide that satisfying element that has an impact on the audience, as it’s something that indicates that there will be heavy use and conduct of violence, throughout the film. Also, the blood stained title and the ‘razor-sharp’ stylised font, apply more effect to this violent aspect, waiting to be seen. The bold capitalised titles that appear at the starting of the film appear in red, which also, provide more to the ‘bloody’ and violent element. Also, we don’t know much about the main character, as we don’t see much of his face – taking into consideration, his fame is quite high as ‘Wesley Snipes’ is a well-known actor, this knowledge that the audience should have and the idea that his identity is concealed during the title sequence, amplifies this idea of suspense.

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