Tuesday, 18 January 2011

List of Thriller sub-genres - which inspires you at the moment and why? : RESEARCH

Thriller Sub-genres in brief
A thriller can be portrayed in various medias, a movie, play etc. however, most films tend to submerge the initial elements of a Thriller with other themes, in order to comply with the storyline, as some may have a storyline, which consists of a different element and nature but can work with the genre of thriller.

Here are the some examples of Thrillers:

Crime Thriller: offers a suspenseful insight of the nature of crimes. Often the audience are introduced to the account of the criminal rather than a policeman.

Religious Thriller: the initial plot is connected to certain aspects of religious iconography, such as religous objects, like scriptures. Which raises the philosophical element of suspense, as it focuses on the questions surrounding the religious iconography.

Mystery Thriller: Films inwhich there is a mystery or an investigation to be sold, the idea of suspense dwells around the idea of solving it.

Psychological Thriller:  the element of mental and emotional relations are exploited, rather than violence.

My most favoured thriller film should have to be of the crime thriller, 'Scarface' (1983).
It has that crime thriller principle of exploring views from the criminal's eyes to see how things revolve around him.

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