Monday, 31 January 2011

How is Suspense created in the film you watched in class? Analyse 3 scenes in detail. : RESEARCH

For this analysis, we watched ‘The Stepfather’, the scenes that I found most suspense in was firstly, at the start, during the title sequence, in which, the music was being played, which was deep and traumatic whilst showing edits and close ups of the Stepfather shaving and trimming his facial hair. This made the audience feel really uncomfortable, as shaving is one of those normalities in life, however, it’s those normalities that are twisted which give that dark and suspenseful element about them. As we easily presume he is that dark and twisted character, it’s just finding out more about who he is and what he has done, that entices the audience to keep watching. The speed of the shots slows down during the tracking of the photos of a family, which appears to be a showcase of the victims he’s killed. When he enters the kitchen to make his breakfast, which was another factor concerning the twisting of normality, the music of ‘Silent night’ was played, which attributed to that suspenseful element, as we are finding out more about him but not enough for the audience to know. This ‘freaky’ moment of the song being played, brings a thought to the audience, as we presume he is opposing religion or mocking it in one aspect, as ‘Silent night’ is a song that’s commonly used for celebrations in Christian traditions. Suddenly, heavy depth music is placed on the tilting close up shots of the victims he killed, that suspense is heightened as the audience wonders, ‘what has happened?’
The next scene, was of the reverse shots between Michael and Kelly, as the argue over searching the Stepfather’s room for any criminating evidence, that he’s a murderer. 

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