Friday, 8 April 2011

Evaluation: Question 3

This is the type of thing that our taget audience would like. They would like regularly going to he cinema with their cineworld unlimited card, allowing them to watch as many films as they want. There favorite genre would be thriller and horror as they like the suspense and tension

Evaluation: Question 8


EVALUATION: Question 6 audience feedback Video

From the feedback we have received from peers, we have discovered that the majority of people liked our film as a whole. They were pleased by many factors in our film such as the music, camera angles, lighting and ultimately the setting. They thought the music really matched the video well and were pleased with the train sound effect. One person said that they had preferred intensive slow music when the dead body was revealed and thought that it did not fit in well. Expect for that slight criticism, most opinions consisted of positive feedback.

Evaluation: Question 2

I have chosen to compare the main character of The Paper Trail to Hannibal Lecter. I have chosen this comparison as both seem normal however they both have deep psychological issues. At the start of our film  our characters identity is unknown, whereas Hannibals is revealed however both share a mysterious aspect about them, which makes us question do we really know their character?.

The character fits in well with our sub genre. Especially as the audience finds what both characters does disgusting and messed up, whereas too them they enjoy it.

Evaluation: Question 1


The top image shows the title screen caps taken from for the film Deadwood, while the caps below show our film caps from The paper trail. Both share similar aspects. Both show the opening titles in the beginning of the film, both also in a white background.

A similarity is the way that the titles are positioned, they are done in a way so the focus isn't taken off what is happening behind it. In both title sequences there is a shot of the scenery.

EVALUATION: Question 3

Chris is a working class 22 year old single man living in east london . He currently works part time at Blockbusters because of his love for films and videogames.

He frequently visits the cinema to watch the latest releases with his friends. He spends most of his time either at work or watching films in his home cinema. He is likely to have tickets from his last visit to the cinema and probably a receipt for DVD rentals in his wallet/pocket.

He is in other words a film fanatic because when he isn't watching a film or at work he is most likely to updating his blog on films he has seen, or is going to see. He is a dedicated fan to his favourite films such as The Silence of The Lambs and Halloween and etc. His favourite film genres are horror and thrillers like Silent Hill and Inception.

People like Chris are the people that are most likely to watch, understand and appreciate our film because  of the psychological thriller sub-genre which The Paper Trail falls under. It takes the audience on a psychological journey overstepping the boundaries of reality.